Hernia Surgery in Toronto, Canada

Looking for Hernia Surgery in Toronto, Canada

Having a visible, bulge perhaps painful can be very unsettling.  At ANSA Healthcare, hernia surgery performed by expert surgeons in Toronto can easily make this go away.  If you prefer it repaired without a plastic mesh implant with the most modern of suture material without the need for steel-clips closing the incision, nor the need for extended overnight stay in hospital, ANSA Health can give you back your health renewed.


Why ANSA Hernia Surgery Clinic in Toronto?

Ansa Healthcare has the expert surgeons who have over 20 years of experience in treating hernia patients. Hernia Surgery in Toronto Ansa Healthcare is expert, Dr. Ashwin Maharaj. He is one of the top recommended surgeons in the world.

In Ansa Healthcare, Toronto, you will have

  • State of art surgi-center offering on of the world’s best procedure by a team dedicated to the best hernia repair we can offer.
  • 24 hour access to your surgical team


US Patients - Why chose ANSA in Toronto Canada?

  • Our surgeon, Dr Ash Maharaj is an experienced American Board of Surgery certified surgeons and is a leader in no-mesh hernia repair. Read more about our surgeon.
  • There are very few clinics or hospitals in the US that offers no-mesh Shouldice technique surgery. There are many benefits of no-mesh Shouldice method.
  • Short recovery time after surgery. Patients can return to US on the next day of surgery.
  • Favourable currency exchange rate.
  • Medicare and Private insurance may cover your cost of surgery.
  • COVID precautions are in place to protect the safety of patients and staff.


Who Needs Hernia Surgery?

Symptoms of Hernia

  • Bulge that most times can be gently pushed back into the abdomen
  • An achy or burning pain that can increases as you move or lift objects or sometimes completely absent.
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


What Are the Non-Surgical Treatments for A Hernia?

  • Wearing a binder, or hernia belt can ease the pain from hernia.
  • Doing certain stretching exercises can help.  What are the most common types of hernia surgeries?


Shouldice Surgery (No Mesh Repair)

The Shouldice hernia repair surgery differs from other mainstream methods because it is a slower, more detailed process. In the hands of our experienced surgeons, this delicate hernia surgery is one of the safest and most effective methods for repairing the damage caused by a hernia. The surgery is usually performed under only a local anaesthetic, which helps to keep costs and recovery time down.

Because the incision for the Shouldice repair method is slightly longer than other hernia repair methods, surgeons have a better view of the procedure. This allows them to investigate the nearby areas and prevent any future nearby hernias, which is not rare.

The artificial mesh used in many other types of hernia surgeries tends to shrink over time and, because of its placement, is subject to a lot of pulling and stretching. Rather than relying on artificial mesh, we allow the body to heal itself by overlapping your own muscle and tissue, which reduces pulling from tension during the repair.

Read more about and for personalized consultation.


Other Mesh-Based Surgery Methods

Open Repair (using artificial mesh)

In open surgery, the incision is made at the groin or near the hernia. The protrusion is identified and pushed back into the abdomen.  The defect is then stuffed with a wad of plastic or sealed with a sheet plastic mesh.

Laparoscopic Surgery (using artificial mesh)

A thin telescope tube containing a camera, light, and surgical instruments at one end is inserted into the patient's body through a very small incision. The protrusion is identified and pushed back into the abdomen.  The defect is then stuffed with a wad of plastic with or sealed with a sheet of plastic mesh.


Disadvantages of Surgeries Using Artificial Mesh

  • High recurrence rates
  • Increasing risk of inadvertent injury to nerves and blood vessels.
  • Shrinkage of artificial mesh by 16-30% overtime, causing recurrence of hernia.
  • The Shouldice repair technique has follow up recurrence rates (<0.5%) over decades of study.

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