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Ansa Health Care surgeons offer the highest quality surgery to prevent the hernia from continuing to push out from your abdominal cavity without implantation of plastic mesh. Your procedure is a delicate repositioning of nearby muscles so that they themselves block your hernia, under no significant tension, without implantation of unnecessary plastic mesh. Our surgeons are highly qualified, experienced, Shouldice technique trained, American Board of Surgery certified. Our surgeons, along with our expert team will personally care for you in hours and days after surgery.

Your surgery will take place at our facilities which are accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. You will be accommodated in a private, well appointed room of your choice, with family close by if you wish. You will not share nurses or surgeons with tens of other patients in an open hospital ward. You will not need overnight stay in hospital. You will be always in contact with your surgeon and team, assuring you of timely personal care after discharge.

Our care for you does not end when you leave the Ansa team. Our comprehensive discharge plan will ensure that you thoroughly understand how to care for yourself as completely as possible after your discharge. Our highly personalized care ensures immediate access to your surgical team, not just a group of unknown staff, both before and after you leave our care.


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